"the moment captured is what’s important to him​​​​​​​"
Grant Payne is a professional photographer currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing high school, he studied graphic design and picked up his first 35mm camera during his first year of university. After graduating as a graphic designer, he gained experience in agencies for two years before discovering his passion for photographic storytelling. He documented and toured with local bands to festivals and shows around the country. Grant then found his way to Cape Town and began his commercial career as a freelance photographer.

Grant approaches a scene with an open mind, always looking for that single moment that can capture an instant. This fast-paced, genuine and unadulterated style of photography has led Grant to work with some of the world's leading brands. 

He specialises in products and people and has worked on international campaigns for brands such as Ketelone, Ron Santiago De Cuba, Vans, AndUnion, Strongbow and The House of Machines.
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